Serlachius Museum

Tävlingsförslag, tillbyggnad till befintlig museibyggnad

Gösta Serlachius Art Foundation

Männtä, Finland


För mer information kontakta uppdragsansvarig
arkitekt Erik von Matern, 08-599 090 88.

Om projektet:

The new museum building is carefully situated in the existing landscape, in proximity to Joenniemi Manor. The west and north sides of the new building are facing park land in a natural state. The east and south facades are facing the entrance square and the open parklands. Here the entrances are located, and the paving establishes a connection between the interior and the outside.

On the south side of the house a terrace in two levels creates a relation between the existing porch and the café. A bench with a lake view is integrated in the new terrace which is also the outdoor part of the cafe.

A footpath around the new house is created as an extension of the existing path south of the museum building. The new path is arranged into the existing hierarchy of the parkways and leads down to the Vuohijoki waterway which is proposed to be restored. A new wooden footbridge using the old bridge foundations is leading to Taavetinsaari and the sauna. On the island a discrete place for events and openings is proposed. The grass is cut short and the gentle slope facing the water is lined with benches, offering a view towards the museum and the park.